La Route d’Argent

The Bastide Stays also mean one restaurant where you can enjoy the typical regional specialities !

Some specialities

“Aligot” is a typical Aubrac speciality. It was originally made by the monks from “la Dômerie d’Aubrac” who prepared this nourishing dish for the pligrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Both “Aligot” and “Truffade” are traditional dishes based on potatoes and tome. They are so tasty and convivial !

The Aubrac is also famous for its Laguiole cheese. It is served presently at the end of a meal. In the old days, it replaced meat or dessert on farms. At the first stage of Laguiole making, the cheese is called “fresk tome” (curdled cow-milk from which whey is extracted by pressing ; then the paste is crushed and shortly matured). This tome is used to make Aligot, a typical Aubrac speciality.

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Les soirées

Après un bon repas, nous pouvons vous proposer des soirées à thèmes

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