La Route d’Argent

A veritable institution in the village of Nasbinals, we welcome you every day, at lunchtime and in the evening, for a coffee or a local dish.

We also offer a catering service with takeaway dishes. Orders and information at  +33 4 66 32 50 03.

Push open the door and you’re guaranteed a good time. With anecdotes from Bernard, the elder of the two owners, and jokes from Daniel, his brother with the famous moustache, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll be amazed to see what school cafeterias look like during the week, and you’ll experience the atmosphere of the kitchen and the “dance” of the waiters during your meal. We promise you won’t leave on an empty stomach: Aubrac meat, aligot, truffade/retortillat or offal… the Aubrac region is in the spotlight.

Where can you find us?

Group dining

We also cater for large gatherings:

  • seminars
  • birthday dinners
  • weddings, christenings…

Another room, the “Rosée du matin”, is available for hire and can seat up to 150 people. Please contact us for further information.

The history of aligot

One of the plateau’s most famous recipes is ALIGOT, invented by the monks of the Dômerie d’Aubrac. This hearty dish was served to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Along with truffade (or retortillat), these are two regional dishes made with potatoes and fresh tome cheese.

Nowadays, Laguiole cheese is eaten mainly at the end of a meal, but in the past it replaced meat or dessert for peasants. The paste obtained after the first ripening is called “tome fraîche”. It’s this “tome” that goes into making aligot and truffade.

Here at La Route d’Argent, we serve the “Pépites de l’Aubrac” used to make these two dishes.

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Call +33 4 66 32 50 03, exclusively outside service hours.

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